Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Larger projects

I know I haven't posted for while, for a couple of reasons. I have been working on larger projects, also, I haven't been so well so progress has been slower than usual.
The top picture is a chunky knit cardigan in stocking stitch, so quite quick to work. As you can see I have almost finished the second front. This pattern is odd to me, as I am used to knitting the back of a garment first, then the fronts, then the sleeves.
The lower picture is of a double knit cardigan with cables, at one point I couldn't find my regular cable needles and was using a plastic bent needle, which totally annoyed me. I was quite happy when Shadow's teeth found it. Just glad she didn't hurt herself on it.
I will post pictures of the finished cardigans, as soon as they are done. I have also cut out two aprons for my Mum, and am going to make some reusable shopping bags for her, for her birthday. It was yesterday, but she's in France right now, so I have a few days grace.
I am considering starting a seasonal cross stitch project, but don't want to bog myself down too much.