Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Weekender Beret

I have made a start on the "weekender Beret" from Yarn Forward magazine...issue 22.

I have just started the main part of the beret.

There's a photo! up at the top of this post


There was some yarn left over from the jacket and hat, and whilst looking for a different pattern, I found this cute bootee pattern. It's from Simply Knitting's 2009 calendar. They took almost as much time to sew up as knit! The jacket, hat and bootees are wrapped up now, ready to be given to the colleague.

Monday, 29 March 2010

baby outfit

One of the female teachers that I work for had her baby prematurely, she is staying with baby in hospital, until he has gained his predicted birth weight....this is the colleague who is small build, and so is her husband.

anyway, she had baby early. I have just finished a jacket and hat set for baby.

To me the hat is much bigger than the jacket, but as my three were all a few days over,,,what would I know?
As you can see the pattern is a UKHKA pattern. I had never seen these before I bought this one. But I was so pleased how this turned out I looked on the website. They have quite a few baby/child patterns, and all very appealing.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Pinwheel finish!

I am so pleased about how this turned out. I am not too sure if it is suitable for a boy baby, but I love the adaptability of it. When the baby is use the widest part as the collar, as the baby unroll the sleeves...and eventually turn it around.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Pesto sauce

Have just tried this out.
It tastes OK, will get Charlotte's opinion tomorrow.
I didn't use freshly grated Parmesan, but some grated stuff I had in.
Taste test result later.
It was really easy to make...if you have all the right ingredients.
I like the taste of it.
Recipe found here!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Pinwheel baby jacket

As you can see the pinwheel jacket progresses.

I'm on the sleeves now, they are quite long, as they are worn rolled up when the baby is tiny, and unrolled as the baby grows. The pattern is on the Elann website. It suggests using two circular needles to knit it on, but I found using dp's at first worked, until it was large enough to fit on a circular needle. I'm really enjoying this project, it's the first time in ages I have knitted anything other than a scarf on dps. In fact until I got Knitting New Scarves last year, I hadn't used them very much, and only done a couple of Nordic jumpers on circular needles. This should be finished, probably on Thursday evening, as I seem to have beaten the lurgy I have had for the past week, just left with erratic temperature.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Baby pinwheel jacket

Sorry, I haven't been so well this week. I made a start on the baby pinwheel jacket, and tonight made the openings for the sleeves.
I probably should transfer it from my dps to a circular needle, but I have two repeats on each dp, which makes counting easier.
This is the first time I have made a flat round garment knitting in the round. There is an adult version of the jacket, so it might be a possible project in the future.
I received the latest copy of "The Knitter" at weekend, and there are at least two projects I would like to tackle, the Miss Galloni shrug, and the Savannah bolero. (I knew knitting something circular required practise, and had cast on the pinwheel jacket before I saw "The Knitter")
Progress has been very slow this week, seeing as I have spent more time asleep than awake.
Photos of work to date soon, but the scarf is with it's owner, Becki, already, and she loves it. One of her friends asked where she had bought it from, and the friend had trouble getting her head around the fact that the scarf had been MADE for her....this friend must think clothes grow on trees...ready made somewhere!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Adjustment to jumper, plus grey scarf finish!

The jumper I made for my very special person was too loose for him around the neck. So I have re-knitted the neckband, so that it is closer fit.
I have also finished the fisherman's rib scarf for Becki.

Photos of both tomorrow evening.

Unsure of next project as yet, but am considering pinwheel sweater...for babies
I seem to know a few peeps who are "in waiting" right now.
In fact, one colleague is due around Easter...but docs worried that baby ain't growing well. erm!
She's tiny build..and her husband ain't a Jolly Green Giant!
Am sure baby is OK, she is radiant at mo.