Friday, 31 December 2010

More fingerless gloves

On Boxing Day I finished a pair of fingerless gloves for Oliver. I won't bore you with another photo of black fingerless gloves. Especially as I used exactly the same pattern and yarn as I has for the ones I made back in September for the "someone special" in my life.....must have been August as he left for "home" in late August!
Anyway, the only difference with these are that they only leave the very tips of the fingers free.
I will catch up with my blogs before I return to work on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Been fidgetting..just not posting!

I should post tomorrow..1st December 2010...but who knows what might stop me....since my last posting I have completed around 4...maybe more projects
I HAVE taken photos of all but the most recent, and WILL post on here.
Please bear with me? I have changes at work and upsets in my life..."fidgetting" is keeping me sane

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Still here

I haven't been so good health-wise lately....but I have been fidgetting...just on a larger scale than normal. Should have pictures/news on Friday.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Heads Up.

I made the hat above for one of the teachers at work. She'd said she would quite like a cap, and I'd seen this pattern, and had just the right yarn to give the demin effect.The yarn is Cedifra yarn Selena in three colourways, blue/yellow, blue /pink and blue/blue knitted together with a basic yellow acrylic double knit to get the correct gauge and the mottled effect. The pattern is from The Knitter's Bible of Knitted accessories by Claire Crompton, the pattern is the Weekender Cap from p 88-91. The person it was for was very pleased with it, as I'd made it as a surprise for her.

Keeping your fingers free

I made these for the "someone special" in my life. In his line of work he needs to keep his hands warm, but possibly his fingers free. They are an adaptation from the "Magic Mitten Gloves" in the Knitter's Bible of Knitted Accessories. I left the mitten top flip back off. They are knitted from Dalegarn Falk and took just under 100g. The yarn is pure wool, so making them in acrylic would probably take less, but they wouldn't be as warm.

A cheeky beret

This cheeky beret is from the free pattern and yarn given away with August 2010s issue of "Let's Knit" magazine. I opted for the Buffy pattern, there were two options. I have however created a spiral rather than the concentric circles it should have. I like it though and am pleased with the result. Although it isn't really my colours...well not for a hat anyway.

A Jumper for me

I'm not altogether happy with this, as the sleeves are a little too snug for me. I might either find it another home, or make changes to it. Possibly by inserting a diamond shaped patch under the arms like are found on bowling shirts. The pattern is a Stylecraft one 8203 for Kon-Tiki DK. I used Marble DK from James C Brett. Perhaps it would look better in a cotton yarn.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wallowing Pigs

Yes, that is what I have named a food dish I have come up with.
To my knowledge no one else has made this.
So....I hear you all say..what is a "wallowing Pig"?
It is bacon in Yorkshire pudding.
I used offcuts of bacon, and followed the "toad in the hole" recipe.
But as I've never seen any reference to this before, I am calling it "wallowing pigs".
They turned out very tasty and given time in a morning would be ideal as a breakfast or brunch dish.
I am aware that this may not be first, but I have never seen before.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Where did you get that hat?

Just thought I'd post my latest finish.

It's the whirlygig? hat from Hattitude.

I interpreted it in my own way.

In the photo it's being modelled by my friend, the hat is for her son who is at university, and he will love the hat

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Another baby cardigan

I finished this on Thursday evening, and it has been given to the baby , a little girl, Amelia Jane, born on 15/6/10 at 8.08 weighing 7lb 1oz. The other pink jacket and the pinwheel one also went to her. The pattern is another UKHKA one. I really like their patterns and wish they did some adult ones.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Another baby jacket.

I've finished the baby jacket for a colleague's expected grand daughter. Am wondering whether to knit something in a neutral colour "just in case" they got it wrong, but then again, I do still have the pinwheel baby jacket. I have started another in pinks, might be a good idea to have a couple of spares stashed away, there seems to be a bit of a boom going at the moment.
The above Jacket and the one I have started are two more UKHKA patterns, their patterns look very good and so far have been very simple to follow, mind you this year I will have been knitting for 34 years properly, and am not afraid to tackle something new. Saying that the UKHKA patterns give very good results, have clear instructions, so even a beginner knitter can produce a very good looking garment. My only moan is they only seem to have baby/toddler patterns so far.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Interesting site/ patterns

You might have noticed the last two baby garments I have worked on are patterns from UKHKA
These patterns are very simple, yet effective
the only thing I don't like about the site is..that CURRENTLY they only have bay/toddler designs!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

2 finishes and a start

Well, I have finished the sleeveless jumper. It is actually black, but for some reason appears navy blue in the photo. Perhaps tiz the flash?
I also finished a hat from the Hattitude book, but it mysteriously disappeared after Samantha trying it on. Will try to track it down and get a photo of it.
I have also started a baby jacket for a colleague's first grandchild. They have been told that baby is a girl, that is why I am knitting in pink. Although I would never trust the scan, and wouldn't believe what sex a baby is until it is in the Mum's arms

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Latest news!

I am now on the front of the sleeveless jumper...tiz in black though....and doesn't show too well on a photo. Tonight, I also started a hat from a book I bought. Pictures when it looks more like a hat.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Cardigan finish

I finished the cardigan on Tuesday night, and started the sleeveless jumper for my someone special. I quite like the cardigan, and true to form, the weather here has warmed up, this is a rather cosy cardigan perfect for cool summer evenings.Even though I got the cable wrong, I did manage to copy the mistake onto the other front, so it looks deliberate :D.

My someone special has said that he would like me to make him some socks...that is going to be a first for me, as the only socks I have ever made have been baby ones, more like bootees than socks. Well, we'll see. If anyone has any tips on sock knitting I would welcome them.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Aprons, bag and knitting

I've not been in the best of health lately, and have been knitting mostly. However on Tuesday I spent 3 hours making a couple of aprons and a shopping bag. The cardigan I'm working on just needs the sleeves doing now, then it's onto a sleeveless jumper for the "someone special" in my life. This time it's a request for something specific.
The aprons are for work. I put a book on top of the bag to give an idea of the size. The cardigan is made in Brushstrokes yarn, Autumn Hue. I took a close up of the cable band on the front edges as it is different from any other cardigan I have made. I rather like Brushstrokes yarn, this is the third thing I have made from it.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Beret finish

That didn't take long. However, I have already found it home, as I made the smallest size, and it was a little snug on me. There are three sizes, so I'll be making myself the middle size.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Weekender Beret

I have made a start on the "weekender Beret" from Yarn Forward magazine...issue 22.

I have just started the main part of the beret.

There's a photo! up at the top of this post


There was some yarn left over from the jacket and hat, and whilst looking for a different pattern, I found this cute bootee pattern. It's from Simply Knitting's 2009 calendar. They took almost as much time to sew up as knit! The jacket, hat and bootees are wrapped up now, ready to be given to the colleague.

Monday, 29 March 2010

baby outfit

One of the female teachers that I work for had her baby prematurely, she is staying with baby in hospital, until he has gained his predicted birth weight....this is the colleague who is small build, and so is her husband.

anyway, she had baby early. I have just finished a jacket and hat set for baby.

To me the hat is much bigger than the jacket, but as my three were all a few days over,,,what would I know?
As you can see the pattern is a UKHKA pattern. I had never seen these before I bought this one. But I was so pleased how this turned out I looked on the website. They have quite a few baby/child patterns, and all very appealing.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Pinwheel finish!

I am so pleased about how this turned out. I am not too sure if it is suitable for a boy baby, but I love the adaptability of it. When the baby is use the widest part as the collar, as the baby unroll the sleeves...and eventually turn it around.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Pesto sauce

Have just tried this out.
It tastes OK, will get Charlotte's opinion tomorrow.
I didn't use freshly grated Parmesan, but some grated stuff I had in.
Taste test result later.
It was really easy to make...if you have all the right ingredients.
I like the taste of it.
Recipe found here!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Pinwheel baby jacket

As you can see the pinwheel jacket progresses.

I'm on the sleeves now, they are quite long, as they are worn rolled up when the baby is tiny, and unrolled as the baby grows. The pattern is on the Elann website. It suggests using two circular needles to knit it on, but I found using dp's at first worked, until it was large enough to fit on a circular needle. I'm really enjoying this project, it's the first time in ages I have knitted anything other than a scarf on dps. In fact until I got Knitting New Scarves last year, I hadn't used them very much, and only done a couple of Nordic jumpers on circular needles. This should be finished, probably on Thursday evening, as I seem to have beaten the lurgy I have had for the past week, just left with erratic temperature.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Baby pinwheel jacket

Sorry, I haven't been so well this week. I made a start on the baby pinwheel jacket, and tonight made the openings for the sleeves.
I probably should transfer it from my dps to a circular needle, but I have two repeats on each dp, which makes counting easier.
This is the first time I have made a flat round garment knitting in the round. There is an adult version of the jacket, so it might be a possible project in the future.
I received the latest copy of "The Knitter" at weekend, and there are at least two projects I would like to tackle, the Miss Galloni shrug, and the Savannah bolero. (I knew knitting something circular required practise, and had cast on the pinwheel jacket before I saw "The Knitter")
Progress has been very slow this week, seeing as I have spent more time asleep than awake.
Photos of work to date soon, but the scarf is with it's owner, Becki, already, and she loves it. One of her friends asked where she had bought it from, and the friend had trouble getting her head around the fact that the scarf had been MADE for her....this friend must think clothes grow on trees...ready made somewhere!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Adjustment to jumper, plus grey scarf finish!

The jumper I made for my very special person was too loose for him around the neck. So I have re-knitted the neckband, so that it is closer fit.
I have also finished the fisherman's rib scarf for Becki.

Photos of both tomorrow evening.

Unsure of next project as yet, but am considering pinwheel sweater...for babies
I seem to know a few peeps who are "in waiting" right now.
In fact, one colleague is due around Easter...but docs worried that baby ain't growing well. erm!
She's tiny build..and her husband ain't a Jolly Green Giant!
Am sure baby is OK, she is radiant at mo.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

grey scarf update!

The grey fisherman's rib scarf is now 58 inches long...pattern says finished length = 80 inches without fringe!
Might not be done until after the weekend.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Pencil case photo

As promised, here's the pencil case photo. It was just my last? experiment as textiles technician. The textiles teacher thought this might make a more worthy project. Mine is plain as I was seeing how difficult constructing one is.

The pencil case is constructed from just one piece of cloth. Obviously when done as a project at school it would be decorated in someway, either before or after construction. The zip is on the front rather than the top. It was fiddly for me, but to a year 9 pupil who has never before inserted a zip, and possibly hasn't touched a sewing machine since year 8, it would be challenging. However, if the fabric was split into two halves, and the zip inserted in between two flat pieces of fabric, then the remaining three edges sewn up, it would be within all, but the lowest abilities reach, and I think they could produce a satisfactory case of some kind with a velcro fastening.
The case could be decorated in any number of ways, and if I made again, would possibly make it from patchwork, as the precision of patchwork itself is quite challenging.
And the scarf is now 41 inches long.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

A VERY plain pencil case, and scarf progress

Today I have made an extremely plain pencil case, [reason and photo tomorrow, ] and have made inroads with the scarf.

Friday, 19 February 2010

another bobble hat and scarf progress

I've finished the bobble hat for the colleague who has recently had a baby boy.

I am also progressing with the scarf for Becki.

Am happy with progress of scarf and the finish.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Two starts!

I have started a fisherman's rib scarf, for Becki, and a bobble hat for a colleague's new arrival, to go with the other stuff I made.
I am still fighting my cold.
Pictures of both..maybe tomorrow?
The scarf is supposed to be 60-80 inches finished length. So 8 inches is a start, a tenth of the way there. Fisherman's rib is OK, once you get into it.
I'll be baking as well tomorrow.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I have never been able to make pancakes and flip them. That is until yesterday. Whilst looking for a birthday gift for the special person in my life I saw this pancake pan. I bought it, and lo and behold..I can make pancakes!
(Yes, I had to pick Edwin up off the floor after he'd fainted, lol!)
In the past the children had to make do with scotch pancakes, as I could make those OK without "scrambling" them.
So the pan is now for pancakes only, quite honestly it is too shallow for any other use, But I'm happy.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A "baby" finish

I have just finished this baby jacket, hat and mittens tonight. The jacket should have a drawstring around the neck, but as it is an old pattern, I have omitted it. Here in the UK we seem to be very health and safety conscious these days, and to me drawstring around the neck is a danger, so I left it off.
The baby jacket, hat and mitts are for a colleague who has recently had a baby boy....Daniel Edwin...she waited a long time for him to come along...the path wasn't all roses, so I wish her every happiness. The mother is a Wigan Warriors fan, so I am going to make a baby hat in Wigan Warriors colours for her as well.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

An experiment

I experimented in the kitchen today. I really like the cheese and onion bread from Morrisons, so tried to make my own. Using a white bread mix, I followed the instructions, but also added grated cheese and finely chopped onion to the dough. Once the dough was risen I sprinkled the top with a little grated cheese and onion. Tiz a little close textured, but quite tasty.
I'm sorry, I haven't taken a picture of it.

Jumper for someone special...a finish

I've finished the jumper for the special someone in my life.
As you can see the "unique colour phase yarn" shows up in the picture, but it is more subtle to the naked eye.
I did take his measurements, so it should fit him. Unfortunately he had very little spare time this weekend and I haven't been able to see him. I give him the jumper for Valentine's Day, or wait for his birthday? [His birthday is March 9th, so not that far off, but I feel the jumper will be worn between now and then, so probably sooner rather than later.]

I have also made a start on a jacket for a baby, as I seem to know quite a few people who are either pregnant, or just had babies. I'm on the raglan shaping of the left front already. The annoying thing about the yarn, however, is that it is a "doughnut" ball...and they, essentially, collapse as you knit from I have asked Barbara on the yarn and haberdashery stall to please get hold of a "yarn holder" for me.

I have also been browsing the Elann site, and am quite interested in the pinwheel jacket, and have sorted out yarn to make a baby one. Ironic, seeing as I was looking at the shawl patterns, as I feel the need to have a shawl project ticking along.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Jumper back

I pulled the jumper back ...back to the vast colour change, and picked up stitches. Then re worked .
It looks a lot better now. I feel happy about finishing the jumper off. I would have re-knitted the entire back if necessary. The someone special who is getting this jumper is VERY special to me

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Jumper for someone special

I have finished the second sleeve, but am debating whether to knit the back again...due to the hugely different shade band .......
I could just rove back to the join, and use a more compatible seriously unhappy about the vastly colour change.
Suggestions please!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Update on jumper for loved one

The yarn I am using is Sirdar Peru, and "the beauty of this yarn is that the colour changes within each ball"
Problem solved...I haven't made a horrendous mistake, it is the yarn I am using.
Ah well!
I have started the front now, and hope to get plenty of work done on it this weekend.

Jumper for a loved one

I have finished the back of the jumper I am currently working on, for my loved one. However tonight I noticed that there are "bands" of different colour!
I checked all the ball bands in a panic!..Perhaps I had got a mix of dye lots!

Nope! All the balls of wool have exactly the same dye lot...perhaps this is why the wool has been reduced in price? I don't know. I will post a picture of the back tomorrow...and start on the front. I just hope that if I wash the jumper when it is finished the colour will become uniform.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Got it right this time!

Eventually I have got it right. The earflap hat! On the pattern there are 3 versions. I was making the man' version, and wondering why it was working out wrong. Wrong yarn/needles combo. It is always experimental changing USA patterns to UK ones.

However, I have got the size right!!!!!! Yay!!!!

The only thing missing now is a BIG pompom on the top, as Oliver says it HAS to have one.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Scarf finish

I have just finished the scarf I pictured on my last post.
Above is my bear modelling it. I have to weave the ends in, but that won't take long. I also had to add other grey-ish shades in but the changes are subtle, and not offensive. I rather think the scarf suits Growlum Ursa. It was fun to knit, and probably wider than should be, as it was a USA pattern and I substituted yarn, that said I am still happy with the result, and don't really think it matters on a scarf, so long as the scarf is long enough, wide enough and warm enough. And it fits all three categories. One of Samantha's workmates took a liking to the scarf I made for her and commented that "your Mum can knit me a funky scarf if she wants!" I told Samantha to tell him, get me some yarn and I might do. lol
Next project, am not sure? Will do some cross stitch on the UFO I abandoned because of bad light...or in cricketing terms "bad light stopped play". Also a colleague has left on maternity leave, baby due end of January, and I want to make someone special a jumper.
And, after viewing a spinning video for a second time have worked out that I wasn't doing anything wrong, and the yarn does not wrap itself around the spindle, so who knows, maybe I will be using hand-spun yarn soon?

Friday, 8 January 2010

Blue cardigan finish and "do you know what it is yet?"

I have finished my blue cardigan...unfortunately mohair blends don't photograph well. But it does fit perfect...... I remembered that my arms were longer than adjusted the sleeves.
I love this cardigan!
I also started a scarf....won't say who for...but that is what the other photo is of......I am quite pleased with the result!

New trend?

I have just read this "news" story.
I'm sorry, but all us "fidgetters" know that knitting is unique, likewise sewing. That is why we sew, knit crochet, etc. In order to produce clothing and other items that are unique, as even if two people use the same knitting pattern, nine times out of ten they will select different yarns, so get different looking results.
One other thing, us "fidgetters" are more likely to experiment and create something completely unique.
I'm sorry, but just because a "celebrity" picks up a pair of knitting needles we hear about it, bet we don't hear about their mistakes!
Can we please have some real news for a change, after all, will it make the front page if Madonna drops a stitch?

Monday, 4 January 2010

Neckband done

The neckband of blue cardigan is now done.
It took me quite some time to track down one of the fronts.
I looked everywhere it should luck!
Then I looked where I didn't expect it to be, and I found it.
Have just cast off neckband, just front bands to do now.......but am going to see Sherlock Holmes with Oliver tomorrow.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Second sleeve complete

I have just finished the second sleeve of the cardigan I am working on.
Tomorrow I will sew the shoulder seams and pick up the stitches around the neck. I don't know if I will manage to pick up and knit the button bands though.
I will take a photo tomorrow so that you can see my progress though.

Saturday, 2 January 2010


I have made a New Year resolution to show any "craft" progress or blog about it each day.
As well as finishing the sleeve that I started yesterday, I have made Chicken Dopiazi tonight, using all the spices, rather than a jar of mix.

Nearly there

I have knitted the first sleeve and am now working on the second sleeve of the blue cardigan from Wednesday, 28 October 2009's post. I made the sleeve in a day, and I went into Lancaster for things as well!
I hope to have a finished product by this time next week.

Friday, 1 January 2010

A very long scarf

I gave all the other scarves away, then Samantha was looking for them, so I made her one.It's "shag" from Lynne Barr's Knitting New Scarves. However I couldn't get the triangles all on the same side of the scarf, don't know why.
This one is around 6ft long, at least as Samantha said she wanted a long scarf.
The photo is a little blurry. The yarn is Brushstrokes by Stylecraft, the colourway is Storm Cloud.