Sunday, 1 December 2013

Latest knits

 I love this pinwheel cardigan.  I made it because I wanted to make one, and then gave it to a work colleague for her daughter
 Shadow had to have her toe amputated because of a growth on it. I love the bandage they put on it.

Above are photos of Robyn and Lily designs by Anniken Allis.  I enjoyed making them, and learnt new techniques in the process.  They are a Yule gift for a family member.
 This is also a Yule gift for a family member

 These two baby jacket were made just because I wanted to, again.  The blue one is my first ever crocheted item crocheted other than in a square or triangle.
And  a last look at that pinwheel cardigan.  I should make myself one seeing as I like it so much.
Sorry some of the photos are a little blurry, not sure why.
I've also been making chutneys for presents.  I've made carrot and coriander chutney, sweet courgette relish, rosemary jelly, chilli jelly, piccalilli and tomato and roasted pepper chutney.  Next weekend I think I'll make some sweets as well.  Fudge always goes down really well and I enjoy making it.  I've also made two small cakes to be given as gifts, but have yet to ice them.