Sunday, 25 November 2012

Some pressies

I decided that seeing as time is something I have a relative amount of, that I would knit some Yule pressies, and two birthday pressies.  So without further ado, here's what I have done so far.
 This scarf is for Becki for her birthday, seen here modelled by Growlum Ursa, he wasn't very pleased with me putting girly scarves on him.
 This one is for Skye for Yule.  Although these scarves are very pretty they did tax my patience on the very last row.  You start with 120 stitches, and steadily increase, on the cast off row I counted over 1100 stitches.  It took the best part of an hour to cast it off.
 These are some ankle socks I made for Mum for her birthday

This is a jumper I have made for one of my sons with a close up of the stitch in the lower photo.  It took me three weeks knitting in the evenings, so I should be able to get the other done in time for Yule.