Friday, 23 December 2011

Sweet Chilli sausage rolls

At this time of year we have a Yule feast, on or around Yule, (winter solstice).
As Oliver likes sweet chilli sausages I thought I would try to make sweet chilli sausage rolls.
Everywhere I looked there was no sausagemeat....plain....on sale. The butcher who makes the sweet chilli sausages was not around to place an order for the meat.
So....I ended up making my own./
I bought a pack of good quality plain pork sausages...squeezed the sausage meat out into a bowl...added a generous helping of sweet chilli sauce to the sausagemeat...however..the result was a little I added some sage and onion stuffing mix until the mixture was drier. I then made the sausage rolls.
I did put a little too much sausage meat in the sausage I got some sausage "un-rolls", but the desired effect was achieved and they all disappeared.
I'm very happy with my experiment.