Saturday, 29 June 2013

Search for needles for Mum

Mum has heard about some birch needles that are decorated, so my current mission is to find out who sells them, and she'll probably get at least one pair for her birthday.
I've just seen a gadget to put your ball of wool onto so that it unwinds as you knit.  I think it cost around £30.  That's a little expensive, so if you want to use one of those gadgets but are on a budget there's a simple answer.  You know those things designed to put kitchen roll on?  Well, they fit the bill perfectly.  I bought myself one when knitting with some "doughnut" balls of wool.  (you know the ones, they make the wool look lovely and squishy, but get in a tangle if you aren't careful, it was just perfect for those.
I have been knitting etc, just have been without my pc for the best part of four weeks.