Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Not Knitting this time

I still have been knitting, but thought I might share with you what I made the other day.
Hmmm! Should I tell you what they are, or let you guess?

Think I'll let you guess.  I will say however that they are all the same type of thing.  The middle picture is a little blurry. Sorry about that, glass seems to reflect.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Quick post

I have just received some Mochi Plus is so scrummy...the cotton top I am making for me might take the back seat while I make this up..
It seriously is a beautiful yarn  :D

Friday, 3 August 2012

More baby cardigans and my first ever socks

 First there's a stripey boys jumper.  I love the neck on this as it fastens on both sides with a couple of buttons.  Getting a wriggly bay's head through a jumper neck is not everyone's idea of fun.  This would look good in any colour stripe I suppose, and I might make one in girly stripes. No home for this one yet.
 The above bolero cardigan just asked to be knitted as soon as I got the magazine with it in.  I've given this to my great niece Amelia. I love the edging, which is a knitted lace type edging as opposed to the more usual rib bands.
 This ballet top has no home as yet either.  It was a quick knit as it is entirely garter stitch.
Last, but not least.  The first ever pair of socks. They should be with their owner by now as I posted them last Monday. I hope he likes them.