Sunday, 27 May 2012

Doing my own thing

I decided to try top develop a hat using the "scarf" yarn that is so widely available these days.
I started with a basic bonnet pattern and decided to add the scarf yarn every 3rd stitch, but it wasn't quite the effect that I was looking for, so I finished it off plain after using the yarn for two inches.
The second I worked the scarf yarn in every other stitch, but only every third row.  Still not what I wanted.
The final try I used the yarn every other stitch and every row. I am happy with this result.

It isn't that the first two are wrong, they just are not what I was aiming for. When I'd finished I noticed that it doesn't really matter what colour your base yarn is, so long as the bonnet ties blend in with the bonnet.

After looking through my photos, I've found pictures of stuff I haven't posted here, ah well, never mind. Must remember to post when I upload photos to the pc in future.

Latest knits and one I forgot to post

Thought it was time I updated a little on here.
I have been knitting, just not blogging about it.
This lovely cosy hoodie is from a pattern that was in The Knitter magazine, called Hudson, I think.  I knitted it in  James C.Brett's Monsoon. It did take quite a while as it is in rib, moss stitch and stocking stitch rib which grows even slower than normal rib.  I am very pleased with this and love wearing it.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

So much done since last post

These are some of the projects I have worked on since I last posted.
The top is a pinwheel jacket and hat for a premature baby...Lily Wood.
Next is a hat knitted before the need for it for Lenya, the daughter of my friend Magdalyna....they have gone back to Poland now, I wish them a good, long and happy life back in their home country.
The catterpillar was also given to Lenya, but her brother, Jacub, (Kuba,) was very taken with it.
The last is a sleeveless hoodie for first I was not sure of it, but it is very comfy, and keeps me warm in the bits I want to be kept warm.
This is not all I have been knitting since I last posted, but it is a catch-up....maybe more to come when I find the photos!