Friday, 8 February 2013

Had to order some wool

Yes....I know I wasn't going to buy any before July!   But......I started to make a shawlette, thinking I had two balls of the same yarn with which to make. artificial light it looked like I did have..........but in real daylight, I'm afraid it was obvious I had two different shades, and as the wool is variegated...similar to Noro dyeing, that I had to buy another ball of the same shade.
I tried to be good and only get the one, but the market where I got it from no longer stock the wool, because the customers will not pay the price asked for it.  Also, the balls are of the loosely wound type and tend to start to fall apart if handled too much.
So I went online to get a second ball of James C Brett's Monsoon.  And while I was there I found Passion also by James C Brett in a beautiful colourway. Passion is a chunky yarn, whilst Monsoon is an Aran weight.  I seriously can't see why this yarn is not more popular. It is beautifully soft to handle. Knits up lovely and washes well, with no pilling. If you knit with cheaper yarns you'll get cheaper results.  All acrylic looks good for maybe a season, two if you are lucky. And what is the point of spending your time and love in knitting a garment in inferior yarn, just for it to turn ugly with washing?
I don't hate acrylic in yarn, just think that it should not be used to knit that special garment.
Anyway, confession over. I should soon be able to finish the shawlette, and post it here so that you can see it.