Thursday, 27 December 2012

Pressies finished

I did finish the things I wanted to get done for Xmas.
I made another jumper for Edwin, and a scarf for John, Sam's partner.
Unfortunately, I didn't take photos.
Ah! Well!
Have decided, if I want to give knitted gifts next Yule, I am going to have to start making some now and wrap them and put them away.

I have made sweet chilli sausage rolls again this year, and again, they were well received and demolished in record time.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Some pressies

I decided that seeing as time is something I have a relative amount of, that I would knit some Yule pressies, and two birthday pressies.  So without further ado, here's what I have done so far.
 This scarf is for Becki for her birthday, seen here modelled by Growlum Ursa, he wasn't very pleased with me putting girly scarves on him.
 This one is for Skye for Yule.  Although these scarves are very pretty they did tax my patience on the very last row.  You start with 120 stitches, and steadily increase, on the cast off row I counted over 1100 stitches.  It took the best part of an hour to cast it off.
 These are some ankle socks I made for Mum for her birthday

This is a jumper I have made for one of my sons with a close up of the stitch in the lower photo.  It took me three weeks knitting in the evenings, so I should be able to get the other done in time for Yule.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Yarn ordered

I've just ordered some yarn from Kemps for Yule gifts. 
Can't say who it's for in case they read this, but I expect a super squidgy parcel around Wednesday.
Now I should go cast on the ankle socks for Mum.
An up date on things  made since last posting on Wednesday.
Oh! and in a few more weeks I'll have to send for the yarn intended for a friend.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Browsing the net.

I know I'm not the only person to do this.
But here I am, Sunday afternoon.  No one at home but me and the dogs.
So....I've been thinking of Yule gifts, and browsing to finds a suitable yarn to make a jumper for my sons .  The my mind wandered to the Knitting Goddess site, as Samantha bought me a set of mini skeins for my birthday.  I've been knitting up a lacy cowl the pattern is Robyn by Anniken Allis, aka Yarn   Addict.  If you scroll down the page, it's pictured on the left, in purple, mine is part of a rainbow, as the yarn is a rainbow of mini skeins.  I'm wondering if I should indulge myself and subscribe to the monthly mini skeins?
Think I'll go for a walk to think it over.

I'll post soon with recent finishes, there have been a few.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Some more things made in the summer break

 Above is a baby blanket that took quite a while to make.  Mainly because I had two or three projects going at once rather than me knitting slowly.
I'm very pleased with how it looks and the colour is much better in real life than in the photo.  The yarn is a variegated acrylic yarn from Aldi.  It is much softer than I expected and will stand up to being thrown in the washing machine, which is imperative for a baby blanket.
And the hats on the blanket?
Well, they are from Itty Bitty Hats, again. The blue and pink ones are the same, only different colours, made in Mochi Plus yarn which is a dream to knit with.  The stripey hat is called Candy Cane in the book, and I made it in red and white 100% cotton.

The blanket and two of the hats have homes in the future, and I dare say the third hat will be homed fairly soon.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Not Knitting this time

I still have been knitting, but thought I might share with you what I made the other day.
Hmmm! Should I tell you what they are, or let you guess?

Think I'll let you guess.  I will say however that they are all the same type of thing.  The middle picture is a little blurry. Sorry about that, glass seems to reflect.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Quick post

I have just received some Mochi Plus is so scrummy...the cotton top I am making for me might take the back seat while I make this up..
It seriously is a beautiful yarn  :D

Friday, 3 August 2012

More baby cardigans and my first ever socks

 First there's a stripey boys jumper.  I love the neck on this as it fastens on both sides with a couple of buttons.  Getting a wriggly bay's head through a jumper neck is not everyone's idea of fun.  This would look good in any colour stripe I suppose, and I might make one in girly stripes. No home for this one yet.
 The above bolero cardigan just asked to be knitted as soon as I got the magazine with it in.  I've given this to my great niece Amelia. I love the edging, which is a knitted lace type edging as opposed to the more usual rib bands.
 This ballet top has no home as yet either.  It was a quick knit as it is entirely garter stitch.
Last, but not least.  The first ever pair of socks. They should be with their owner by now as I posted them last Monday. I hope he likes them.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Baby cardigans and a couple of squares

The baby boom is still continuing at work so I've been making more baby things. I also made three crocheted squares from some yarn Blue sent me.  There wasn't quite enough to finish the third one and I had to finish it with something else, that was a bit too thin, but as it was only the last two rounds it is only ever so slightly smaller. I was going incorporate them into a blanket for my bed, but as Aran weight cotton yarn is thin on the ground in the UK, they'll have to wait.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

The one's that got away!

I was looking through my photos and there are some things I've made, but not shown. So here they are. The third picture is of a hat which I had then to felt. It ended up in the washing machine, because the centre wouldn't close up and it was far too big, and there's not a lot you can do with wool once it has been felted. They were all knitted during the winter months.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Doing my own thing

I decided to try top develop a hat using the "scarf" yarn that is so widely available these days.
I started with a basic bonnet pattern and decided to add the scarf yarn every 3rd stitch, but it wasn't quite the effect that I was looking for, so I finished it off plain after using the yarn for two inches.
The second I worked the scarf yarn in every other stitch, but only every third row.  Still not what I wanted.
The final try I used the yarn every other stitch and every row. I am happy with this result.

It isn't that the first two are wrong, they just are not what I was aiming for. When I'd finished I noticed that it doesn't really matter what colour your base yarn is, so long as the bonnet ties blend in with the bonnet.

After looking through my photos, I've found pictures of stuff I haven't posted here, ah well, never mind. Must remember to post when I upload photos to the pc in future.

Latest knits and one I forgot to post

Thought it was time I updated a little on here.
I have been knitting, just not blogging about it.
This lovely cosy hoodie is from a pattern that was in The Knitter magazine, called Hudson, I think.  I knitted it in  James C.Brett's Monsoon. It did take quite a while as it is in rib, moss stitch and stocking stitch rib which grows even slower than normal rib.  I am very pleased with this and love wearing it.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

So much done since last post

These are some of the projects I have worked on since I last posted.
The top is a pinwheel jacket and hat for a premature baby...Lily Wood.
Next is a hat knitted before the need for it for Lenya, the daughter of my friend Magdalyna....they have gone back to Poland now, I wish them a good, long and happy life back in their home country.
The catterpillar was also given to Lenya, but her brother, Jacub, (Kuba,) was very taken with it.
The last is a sleeveless hoodie for first I was not sure of it, but it is very comfy, and keeps me warm in the bits I want to be kept warm.
This is not all I have been knitting since I last posted, but it is a catch-up....maybe more to come when I find the photos!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Catch up warning!

It's time I caught up with what I've been working on lately. It WILL happen during the next week.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Trying to clear the decks!

I have two projects started before Yule I want to finish..before moving on to a totally new one.
The first is a pair of baby ugg style boots featured in "let's Knit" magazine. I sewed them together wrong, so have had to unpick, and after doing that tonight...will....fingers crossed sew them together correctly, and be able to give them to the intended recipient.
Second is a cardigan in Stylecraft Brushstrokes. What I didn't see whilst knitting this is that it has a high...(read bust line) waist...and is for people of standard proportions. I am long in the this design is just WRONG for me...I wish I'd spotted that before taking time to knit it up.
The question I finish it and give it to my neighbour who rescued me a fridge emergency.....or pull it all back?
On the fridge stopped working, my neighbour "rescued" me by loaning a spare fridge she has..smaller.but it does the trick. I seriously think I should finish the cardigan for we are around the same "bust" size...but she is nowhere near as long in the body as me.
(p.s she has also said I can keep her spare fridge until late no pressure on buying a new one....I think that too deserves the cardigan.)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Do I have another week or two?

In early January last year I blogged that I had three "goals" for the coming year.
I have done some reversible knitting....TICK!!!!
I have made a pair of socks...albeit...little ankle socks...but they did incorporate "turning the heel"...which went TICK!!!
I haven't yet tried entrelac I have time to do this before the twelve months have passed? Can't remember..but I do have a baby pattern using enterlac...and a relative is expecting a baby early March..
Maybe by this time next month I will have tackled my first ever entrelac project.

AND!!!!!Ihave projects I have knitted but not shown here to share with you all.