Thursday, 31 March 2011

wooly guitar

I won't show you a picture of it is a disaster....back to the drawing board!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

A helping "item"

I don't know how many people are constantly frustrated by the newer way of winding yarn. Instead of the traditional "ball" of wool...some yarn manufacturers wind their yarn in "doughnut" balls. These look great, but tend to collapse as soon as you start using them. It's fine if their aren't many yards on the ball...but sometimes it gets tangled. This really frustrates me, anyway...I have come up with a way of ensuring the yarn comes off easily. I pop the doughnut ball over a kitchen roll holder, before taking the ball band off, then the yarn comes off smoothly and the ball is able to rotate freely as you pull it. It takes out having to constantly detangle your yarn.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Shelterbox Scarf finish

I have finished this, and thoroughly enjoyed knitting it.
It was my first ever time of knitting reversible cable. And I will say..that if you are confident with cables, DON'T be afraid of reversible cables.
I love the finished garment. I used 4 and a bit balls of Wendy Mode DK, colour it worked out reasonable...Just shows you don't need to use expensive yarn. The yarn I used is very soft and bouncy. I am taking it with me to work tomorrow as a colleague would like to see the finished garment.
Thanks again to Anni at Confessions of a Yarn Addict...for letting me test her pattern. It was an absolute pleasure.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Shelterbox scarf

I'm working on this at the moment.
I have got my head around the pattern..and the scarf is growing daily. Last measurement tonight was 75 cm...just less than half the required finished length!
I haven't been very well..and all the other nights this week I have been in bed by 10pm..tomorrow/Thursday, is my day off this I should get some more done.
Anyway...a progress piccy!
The pattern is from confessions of a yarn addict
So far I have used...almost two balls of Mode DK in azure.

20th March.
There are now almost 4 balls of wool in the scarf, and I only have another 15cm....6 inches in old go before I have finished. Next photo when I have finished it.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Shelter box scarf pattern test

I love this pattern, and love the product that is coming from my needles!
If you want to see what I am knitting..visit Confessions of a Yarn Addict..on blogger