Friday, 12 June 2009

New blog, just for crafty stuff

I seem to be creating quite a few things lately.
So.....I thought I'd create a blog solely for the purpose of sharing what I've been up to craft wise.
I've called it Fidgetty fingers, as that is what my Mum used to say I have when I was young.

A bit more about me and what I like to do.
I grew up around people constantly creating things, from wool, fabric, food ingredients, and other mediums, and I suppose it has rubbed off on me.
I knit, embroider, [mainly cross stitch,] can crochet, but in a very unconventional way with conventional results. Love sewing, and have recently purchased an embellishing machine, have had a go at jewellery making and bead weaving.
In the kitchen I have made most things, and love trying out new recipes.
I don't do as much jam making and pickling as I did when my children were younger, but I don't think you forget how to do those things.
I've also made home made wine.

This is the only photo-less post I will be making on this blog, as I intend to use it as a record.

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