Monday, 8 March 2010

Pinwheel baby jacket

As you can see the pinwheel jacket progresses.

I'm on the sleeves now, they are quite long, as they are worn rolled up when the baby is tiny, and unrolled as the baby grows. The pattern is on the Elann website. It suggests using two circular needles to knit it on, but I found using dp's at first worked, until it was large enough to fit on a circular needle. I'm really enjoying this project, it's the first time in ages I have knitted anything other than a scarf on dps. In fact until I got Knitting New Scarves last year, I hadn't used them very much, and only done a couple of Nordic jumpers on circular needles. This should be finished, probably on Thursday evening, as I seem to have beaten the lurgy I have had for the past week, just left with erratic temperature.


  1. I'm trying to envision how this sweater works. where does the head go?

  2. Am sorry...I should have put a link to the pattern. Looks like you now have to become a member of Elann, but there are a lot of free patterns on there.

  3. The jacket is adjustable...when only tiny..the head goes at the wider end giving a large collar, and the sleeves unroll as baby grows, it is turned around so that the narow end makes the collar as the baby grows