Sunday, 6 June 2010

Another baby jacket.

I've finished the baby jacket for a colleague's expected grand daughter. Am wondering whether to knit something in a neutral colour "just in case" they got it wrong, but then again, I do still have the pinwheel baby jacket. I have started another in pinks, might be a good idea to have a couple of spares stashed away, there seems to be a bit of a boom going at the moment.
The above Jacket and the one I have started are two more UKHKA patterns, their patterns look very good and so far have been very simple to follow, mind you this year I will have been knitting for 34 years properly, and am not afraid to tackle something new. Saying that the UKHKA patterns give very good results, have clear instructions, so even a beginner knitter can produce a very good looking garment. My only moan is they only seem to have baby/toddler patterns so far.

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