Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A cross stitch finish

I started this ages ago, and it became a UFO, (unfinished object,) as projects sometimes do, for various reasons. However, I was determined to finish it , and I have. I have now given it away to the person it was for.


  1. Lovely project and picture! I am your newest follower

  2. This is gorgeous. Can I ask who the chart/kit is by please? I haven't seen this before.

    Lovely finish - congratulations!

  3. The chart is from a Jeanette Crews Design, Inc. Booklet called Wild Babies by Mary Ellen Yanich. the number on it is 1188. As well as the Mum and baby giraffe the is a baby tiger, gorilla, fawn, orang utsn, seal cub, Mare and foal Koala and babe, Penguin and babe, and Kangaroo and joey. I picked my own aida and used threads as required by the chart.