Monday, 2 January 2012

Trying to clear the decks!

I have two projects started before Yule I want to finish..before moving on to a totally new one.
The first is a pair of baby ugg style boots featured in "let's Knit" magazine. I sewed them together wrong, so have had to unpick, and after doing that tonight...will....fingers crossed sew them together correctly, and be able to give them to the intended recipient.
Second is a cardigan in Stylecraft Brushstrokes. What I didn't see whilst knitting this is that it has a high...(read bust line) waist...and is for people of standard proportions. I am long in the this design is just WRONG for me...I wish I'd spotted that before taking time to knit it up.
The question I finish it and give it to my neighbour who rescued me a fridge emergency.....or pull it all back?
On the fridge stopped working, my neighbour "rescued" me by loaning a spare fridge she has..smaller.but it does the trick. I seriously think I should finish the cardigan for we are around the same "bust" size...but she is nowhere near as long in the body as me.
(p.s she has also said I can keep her spare fridge until late no pressure on buying a new one....I think that too deserves the cardigan.)


  1. I have to admit I would probably finish it and gift it to the neighbour. There must be some 'white goods' conspiracy going many people have had fridges, freezers and washing machines give up the ghost in the last couple of weeks. We had our washer die and are waiting for a new one...along with a laundry mountain!

  2. Good luck with the Uggs! If you're sure your neighbour would love the cardi then that sounds like a good karma realignment!

  3. hi there, thank you for popping over! Yes I have a westie and scottie, they are gorgeous! Not sure which blog to follow so give me a shout! xx