Sunday, 16 August 2009

Big Fidgetting

It is now over 8 years since I moved in here.

What with one thing or another I have not been able to finish the decorating. [The whole house needed doing]

The stairs and one bedroom have not been done. However, Edwin is moving bedrooms into the one that is not finished, but not until it is finished. I finished doing the painting last year, but as I said above, due to ill health, I have not finished.

This has annoyed me, as I hate not being able to do things I used to do without thinking twice about. So, yesterday I put up the baton for the curtain rail, the curtain rail, and the curtains. With Edwin and Becki's help. When I finished I was ready for a rest.

This morning I stained the wood of the floor to ceiling cupboard frame, prior to putting in shelves, filling in the sides and attaching doors. Once that is done, it should swallow most of the stuff that needs storing. Some I might put in plastic boxes with lids, and try to store in what little loft space I have.

The pictures show the curtains, and part of the cupboard frame, stained. [For some reason the second picture hasn't taken, mind you, tiz only blue stained wood.]

I have been continuing with knitting as well, and have two projects on the needles at the moment.

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