Monday, 28 December 2009

Re-useable shopping bags

This one has fairy tale princesses on it
This one farm animals with their names in English and French.

This one the fabric is inspired by old fashioned cardboard dressing dolls

And here's a shot of all three of them.

I keep making these and they seem to find new homes elsewhere.

I have got to the stage where remembering to take at least one with me when I go out has almost become automatic.

Made from Swatches of curtain material they last much longer than plastic carrier bags. I have been asked why I don't sell them. If someone wanted some making, I would. I had to make a few more, as I gave some of the one's I keep in my car boot to a colleague who had gone into Asda without her stash of carrier bags.
I think they are rather jolly, and usually cause comment at the supermarket checkout.

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