Sunday, 6 December 2009

Wrong size...then wrong size again!

I have been knitting ...or trying to knit, an earflap hat for Oliver. I thought I had used the pattern I used earlier this year, but, after two attempts, it is obvious I didn't use the pattern I thought I did. I do remember writing down somewhere what I had done, but can I find it?
The first attempt came out too small, so I have finished it off for a work colleague's son, think he's 3 in January. The second mistake one...I think I will pull it is too long and still too small, excellent if your head is the same shape as a police

The hat should look like the picture....but as I have said, one is too small, and one too long.
I'll try again an see if I can get it right a third time. The reason I am knitting Oliver another hat is because he has misplaced the black one in the picture above, and wants a hat to keep his head warm. My friend would like me to make him a hat as well, so I will try to sort out this week, and the spiral scarf can go on the backburner for a few days.

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  1. nothing worse thean getting the size wrong:( I hate having to frog stuff, much rather do as you have and give them away