Monday, 11 January 2010

Got it right this time!

Eventually I have got it right. The earflap hat! On the pattern there are 3 versions. I was making the man' version, and wondering why it was working out wrong. Wrong yarn/needles combo. It is always experimental changing USA patterns to UK ones.

However, I have got the size right!!!!!! Yay!!!!

The only thing missing now is a BIG pompom on the top, as Oliver says it HAS to have one.


  1. I really need a hat like that for these Minnesota winters. I didn't realize there was a lot of change for US to Uk patterns

  2. The main difference is in Uk we tend to knit upwards on a hat, so knitting downwards was a whole new thing for me. The pattern is a free online one. I'm getting there once I figure out what certain US terms mean..mostly for yarn types.