Sunday, 10 January 2010

Scarf finish

I have just finished the scarf I pictured on my last post.
Above is my bear modelling it. I have to weave the ends in, but that won't take long. I also had to add other grey-ish shades in but the changes are subtle, and not offensive. I rather think the scarf suits Growlum Ursa. It was fun to knit, and probably wider than should be, as it was a USA pattern and I substituted yarn, that said I am still happy with the result, and don't really think it matters on a scarf, so long as the scarf is long enough, wide enough and warm enough. And it fits all three categories. One of Samantha's workmates took a liking to the scarf I made for her and commented that "your Mum can knit me a funky scarf if she wants!" I told Samantha to tell him, get me some yarn and I might do. lol
Next project, am not sure? Will do some cross stitch on the UFO I abandoned because of bad light...or in cricketing terms "bad light stopped play". Also a colleague has left on maternity leave, baby due end of January, and I want to make someone special a jumper.
And, after viewing a spinning video for a second time have worked out that I wasn't doing anything wrong, and the yarn does not wrap itself around the spindle, so who knows, maybe I will be using hand-spun yarn soon?

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