Sunday, 7 February 2010

Jumper for someone special...a finish

I've finished the jumper for the special someone in my life.
As you can see the "unique colour phase yarn" shows up in the picture, but it is more subtle to the naked eye.
I did take his measurements, so it should fit him. Unfortunately he had very little spare time this weekend and I haven't been able to see him. I give him the jumper for Valentine's Day, or wait for his birthday? [His birthday is March 9th, so not that far off, but I feel the jumper will be worn between now and then, so probably sooner rather than later.]

I have also made a start on a jacket for a baby, as I seem to know quite a few people who are either pregnant, or just had babies. I'm on the raglan shaping of the left front already. The annoying thing about the yarn, however, is that it is a "doughnut" ball...and they, essentially, collapse as you knit from I have asked Barbara on the yarn and haberdashery stall to please get hold of a "yarn holder" for me.

I have also been browsing the Elann site, and am quite interested in the pinwheel jacket, and have sorted out yarn to make a baby one. Ironic, seeing as I was looking at the shawl patterns, as I feel the need to have a shawl project ticking along.


  1. Isn't it fun to be planning that next project?!

  2. And while I'm planning...I'll work on the baby jacket.