Monday, 22 February 2010

Pencil case photo

As promised, here's the pencil case photo. It was just my last? experiment as textiles technician. The textiles teacher thought this might make a more worthy project. Mine is plain as I was seeing how difficult constructing one is.

The pencil case is constructed from just one piece of cloth. Obviously when done as a project at school it would be decorated in someway, either before or after construction. The zip is on the front rather than the top. It was fiddly for me, but to a year 9 pupil who has never before inserted a zip, and possibly hasn't touched a sewing machine since year 8, it would be challenging. However, if the fabric was split into two halves, and the zip inserted in between two flat pieces of fabric, then the remaining three edges sewn up, it would be within all, but the lowest abilities reach, and I think they could produce a satisfactory case of some kind with a velcro fastening.
The case could be decorated in any number of ways, and if I made again, would possibly make it from patchwork, as the precision of patchwork itself is quite challenging.
And the scarf is now 41 inches long.


  1. If I had a use for it, I'd steal it. LOL ;o)

  2. If I knew you were going to steal would be pretty and not a prototype! :D