Saturday, 26 February 2011

Loads of catch up on Fidgetting.

since last August/September, I have been knitting but just haven't posted here much.
What have I been up to? Well, I have made three large projects and am well into the fourth. I made a cotton tunic type jumper for a colleague at work, a shawl-neck jumper in a beautiful bright aqua blue for Edwin, a jacket from a Rowan purelife booklet for Edwin and am currently knitting a jumper for Oliver from the purelife book. Pictures of the tunic and jacket are shown. I also made two hooded jumpers and sent them to Lithuania for my someone special's, friend's children. Those were just plain hooded jumpers with a couple of pockets on the front, a small one in blue for a little boy, and a bigger one in pink for a 7 year old girl. I made a third one of these hooded jumpers for John's daughter, Skye. (John is Samantha's, my daughter, boyfriend.) That one was in purple.
Gosh! I've done much more than I thought I had, and I haven't mentioned any small projects yet!
I made a beret for my Mum for Yule, another beret that I'm not too happy with, I like the pattern, just don't like the yarn I used.(That is the multi coloured beret pictured.
I've also made two upside daisy hats from Itty Bitty Hats, and Cherry-O from the same book. A pair of finger tip-less gloves for Oliver and a hat, Valery, from Hip Knit Hats for me. (That is the one in cream)
I've got loads more planned to do this year. I might even make something larger than a hat for myself!
Unfotunately I haven't photograped everything I have made, but I have started keeping a notebook, saying what I have made, when, and for who, and when it was finished. And most of the time I remember to write in it.

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