Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Yet more baby jackets and other stuff

From the top, we have the last of the smaller size baby jackets I have been making, it is in lilac and white, although Wendy call it Periminkle. The one below is the next size with the yarns reversed. I have also done a pink and white one. The striped baby cap was just using up some yarn from my stash.
Next we have a sunhat for the baby across the road. Her Mum had looked for small size baby hats in cotton, but could only find hats for boys. I am quite proud of that hat, as I didn't have a pattern, and it fitted perfectly.
The last is a cushion cover I made for Becki, Edwin's girlfriend. It is a simple pillowcase type cover, but when you have a pattern so busy you don't need to put frills and flourishes on.


  1. Love the pillow!!! The other stuff is cute but I love the pillow.

  2. The little jackets are lovely but I am with Blue - the pillow is great - I really love that fabric!

  3. The fabric was bought specifically for making the cushion cover for Becki, she has three cats.