Monday, 5 September 2011

So that's what has been taking me all month!

I have just finished a jumper or my special friend, and a random baby blanket. The jumper is knitted in Stylecraft Signature Chunky. A beautiful yarn to work with, but due to it's loose spun nature, it can be difficult to cast on with and sew up with For both I had to keep stopping to re-spin the yarn to prevent breakages. But as I say the finished garment is beautifully soft and light. The colour, in case it hasn't photographed well is an olive-ish green with brown flecks.
The baby blanket is from the Baby and Toddler special that was given away with the last issue of Simply Knitting. The next issue being due out tomorrow. I did find one fault with the pattern though, and that was that they said the wool used came in 200g balls, it doesn't, they are 100g balls, and you use less than a quarter of the third 100g ball. I am going to e-mail them about this. Oh, and the yarn used for the blanket is called Magi-knit and it does work up as shown. The blanket is knitted in squares, no more than 21 sts wide/ time, each square is then shaped by decreasing at the centre, down to one stitch, then you pick up stitches along one edge of the just worked square, and casting on the rest, for the first row. After the blanket is 10 squares wide, or how ever many wide you want it, you cast off and start the next row starting on top of the first square worked. I think the method of working makes it an ideal project when you don't have much time to spare, as each square takes around 15- 30 minutes depending on how fast you knit, so you could just work one square/day if that is all you had time for.

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