Sunday, 27 May 2012

Latest knits and one I forgot to post

Thought it was time I updated a little on here.
I have been knitting, just not blogging about it.
This lovely cosy hoodie is from a pattern that was in The Knitter magazine, called Hudson, I think.  I knitted it in  James C.Brett's Monsoon. It did take quite a while as it is in rib, moss stitch and stocking stitch rib which grows even slower than normal rib.  I am very pleased with this and love wearing it.

 The two pictures above are of a waterfall cardigan, it's folded in half as the cardigan is knitted in two halves, left and right side. The seam where it is folded goes down your centre back. The pattern for this was in a Let's Knit magazine, nearly a couple of years old now.
 Two more hats from Itty Bitty Hats.  There are still pregnant members of staff, and one I asked if she would like me to make a hat for the baby, she chose the daisy one for a girl baby, the stripey one for a boy.  Just need to wait and see what she has now.

 Back in January I knitted this yarn up into a cardigan for me, but it went a bit wrong.  I did post about it. I decided to pull it back.  What you see above is a coat for a 18-24 month old girl. It's knitted from the top down, I've never done a top down garment before, but it worked out easier to knit than I anticipated. I took several photos as I was quite impressed by it. (I think if you zoom in on the photos you can see the cable detail.) The pattern for this was also in The Knitter Magazine earlier this year.
The last item in this post is a headscarf from Cathy Carron's book Hatitude.  There are loads of different hats in this book.  I sent this headscarf to Alice Pyne    
I just hope it found it's way to her as I didn't have an exact address.

I did knit one other item that I didn't take a photo of and that was a pair of handwarmers. They were meant to be for me, but they were a bit tight on me, so I gave them to a colleague who cycles to work.

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  1. I would LOVE a hoodie like you made!! And the stripey infant sweater is cute! And I like the headscarf too. LOL